Digital Art

One of three winners at Stanford’s Art of Science competition in June, 2020.

Changing Views in Data Science over Fifty Years
Ethan Nadler, Mark Chu, Tasker Hull, Douglas Guilbeault (Physics)

Our research team has developed a multimodal natural language processing algorithm: Computational Synesthesia (comp-syn). In work published by Cognition, we showed that Google Image results associated with abstract words exhibit strikingly coherent color distributions. For example, the word “physics” is strongly associated with blueish hues. Remarkably, semantically similar words (such as “physics” and “computer science”) exhibit similar color distributions when analyzed in a colorspace that emulates human perception. From top to bottom, comp-syn presents: “neural network,” “natural language processing,” “computer vision,” “machine learning,” and “artificial intelligence.” Each unit, or colorgram, displays the perceptually uniform average of 100 Google Image search results. From left to right, each colorgram is composed of images modified before a certain date, starting in 1970 and ending today, with time spaced logarithmically. In other words, this work depicts how our contemporary understanding of data science has emerged.

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